Monday, August 22, 2011


Services that A Beary Loving Family Daycare offers: 

Your fees provide my family income, cover taxes and social security, and pay for childcare insurance. They also help cover the cost of the nutritious meals and snacks, training, toys, books, art and craft supplies, equipment, and all of the other things that your child will use.
When you enroll your child, you are reserving the space and provisions for your child, whether or not he/she is present.
My work week is well over 40 hours, even if there is just one child here in my care. So in order that I can have some preserve my family time, my childcare closes promptly at 6pm, Monday-Friday. This will allow me to eat with my family dinner and gives us some opportunity to have some family time or activities. My time with my family is important to me, as I'm sure your time is important to you.

Hours of Operation
7am - 5:30pm Monday through Friday

Payment Options:
Payment is to made in advance and may be made weekly, Bi-weekly or monthly. If it is paid weekly or bi-weekly it will be paid on Monday before care starts for that week. There is No discount for Advance monthly payment other than Thank you! You will receive a monthly  account statements for your records. You will receive a year-end account statement for your taxes.
You can Pay with Cash, Personal Check, or Money Order ONLY!!!!!!!

My rates are affordable for Full-Time care. But I am open for part time care as well as I can do drop in care if I have space available.
Full-Time rate for 5 days a week is $500/month for one child ages 18 months to 5yrs old (for those 5yrs old that aren't in Kindergarten yet and need all day care.) and for families w/ two children that need care it would be $800/month and call me for Rates for Three or more children in the family that need Full time care.
Part-Time care for 3 days is $90/week for the under 24months children and $75/week for children ages 2yr and up that (need all day care)
Give me a call for Part time care for only Two days a week for my rates........
As well as I do have a hourly rate of $5 per hour or $25 to $30 per day. This could be for a job interview, etc.
My hours are the following Monday through Friday from 7am till 5;30pm but I can be flexible and somewhat  negotiable.

Infants ( 6weeks to 17months)
$30/day    $150/week    $610/month

What are you paying for?
your fees not only provide my family income, but cover taxes and social security, training and licensing fees, increased  utilities (heat, lights, water, etc.) and pay for childcare insurance. They also help cover the cost of nutritious meals meals and snacks, toys, books, art and craft supplies, equipment, and all of the others things that your child will use. Plus all the love and caring,safe environment for them to be here while you are at work.

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