Thursday, July 21, 2011

Letter of Recommendation from a parent-------

Lori-Anne F. Malonson

July 19, 2011

Choosing Shannon Seeber, proprietor of A Beary Loving Daycare, to be my childcare provider has been
the best decision I have made as a parent.
My son began under Shannon’s care at the young age of two months old. I was very scared to leave my
little guy with anyone, and I interviewed many home providers as well as some centers. I was much
more comfortable with the home daycare environment, given that I found a quality provider that could
meet my needs. Shannon was the only provider I interviewed who seemed caring, attentive, and
responsive to my child’s needs and my own needs and ideas, as well as affordable. It was very important
to me, as a first time single mother, to find a provider who would work with me to help me raise my son
the way that I wished he be raised, and I found that in Shannon.
My fears at leaving my young son in someone’s care were soon calmed. Shannon accommodated my
desire to exclusively breastfeed my son, and to this day I credit my success in nursing my son until he
was over 14 months old to Shannon’s support and help. I visited almost every day at much lunch break
to nurse my son, and this visit allowed me a glimpse into my son’s day.
The biggest advantage that I found to having Shannon as a care provider is her willingness to
communicate and listen to my needs. I have worked in childcare and, as I said above, I interviewed many
providers before placing my son.  Based on my experiences, I would have been hard-pressed to find a
provider that listened to any concerns and worked with me to make sure that my son and I had the best
possible situation for us nearly as much as Shannon has. She is willing to work with parents on almost
any issue because she truly cares about the well-being of the children in her care and their families.
It is with extreme regret and sadness that I have to remove my son from Shannon’s care due to a layoff
and subsequent long distance move.  My heart breaks at the thought of my son leaving the extended
family he, and myself, has found at A Beary Loving Daycare. Though he is still young, I know he will miss
her, and the fun, games, art projects, walks, outdoor play, books, yummy meals, and love that she
brought into his life.
If you are thinking of choosing A Beary Loving Daycare for your child, please rest assured that your child
will be loved and well-cared for if you do so. If you have any  further questions or would like to speak
with me, feel free to email or call me with the contact information listed above.

Lori-Anne Malonson

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